Ocean Liner Paintings - The Art of Wayne Mazzotta

About Me

Wayne Mazzotta grew up in rural Connecticut. After high school graduation, he attended art school and lived in Washington DC and San Francisco before spending a year abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland working as set designer in the theater. He has two degrees, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute of Art and, awarded in 1987, a Master of Fine Arts from Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. He has been employed for several decades as Design Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide in New York City. Mazzotta especially values the time he worked as a studio assistant to his mentor Charles Bell (1935-1995); famous for his oversize depictions of gum ball and pinball machines, Bell imparted to his assistant invaluable technique and, just as important, a more complete understanding of the artist’s beau idéal. Mazzotta confesses a firm admiration towards figurative painting and realism, deeply affected by old masters. The skillful techniques and craftsmanship infusing their work always appealed. Despite that admiration, Mazzotta once toyed with the idea of becoming an abstract painter because he felt it seemed more mainstream. A period of artistic confusion resulted but more recently, the artist has successfully and contentedly sorted out his priorities. In the early 1990’s, realism won out. Mazzotta embarked on a dozen ocean wave canvasses; all but two sold. Then he turned his attention to ocean liners (Titanic had started him off as a young boy) and sold a large number of maritime paintings through a prestigious Palm Beach gallery. Recently, Mazzotta has combined the two mechanistic loves of his life—vintage ocean liners and classic automobiles, a mélange that he finds captivating. Though confessing that these latest canvasses may be sentimental and romantic, they are nevertheless exquisitely wrought and architecturally accurate, only moderately tinged with fantasy. None of his current ship subjects still exist save for QE2 now retired in Dubai, a vessel on which Mazzotta completed many evocative crossings.

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